Tail Pulleys

Our standard drive pulleys are mounted with:

  • Shaft clamping set

And our shafts have a larger diameter inside the drum, to re-inforce the construction and reduce the risk of shaft bending.

We can supply tail pulleys with both internal and external bearings. We either supply cylindric or crowned pulleys according to customers selection.

Idler pulleys are characterized by several specific designs or are designated by their intended use.


  • Einschnürtrommeln
  • Tensioning pulleys
  • Knicktrommeln
  • Reversing pulleys
  • Snub pulleys
  • Discharge pulleys
  • Ablenktrommeln
  • Guide rollers
  • Smoothing cylinders
  • Feeding rollers

We manufacture these pulleys with:

  • Internal bearing (the pulley body rotates around the shaft)
  • External bearing (the shaft is fixedly linked to the pulley body)

We can offer you idler pulleys with internal bearing, e.g. with the flanged bearing versions UCFC and RVFW (with R3 sealing) or with the self-aligning roller bearing of series 222.

Idler pulleys can be manufactured with welded or wedged connections, or with clamping set shaft connections. With most fields of application, however, we recommend the clamping set shaft connection.

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