Roller station

JM Scandi Roll offers roller stations in a very wide range of types and we guarantee our high quality. We keep most of the standard types in stock and can produce all types based on customers specification and drawing.

DIN 22107 states the most important mounting dimensions for these stations.

Here, an essential parameter is the frame width of the conveyor belt system, according to which the length of the Grundschwelle is determined.

With reference to “carrier” we distinguish between several types:

Flat belt carrier

Two holders, into which a conveyor roller is inserted.

Two-part carrier

Two conveyor rollers are inserted in a V-form way. This is only recommendable for smaller belt widths.

Three-part carrier

Here, three rollers are inserted. This is the most common execution.

Five-part carrier

Equipped with five rollers. Their use is uncommon in the field of non-metallic mineral processing.

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