Multi-ply fabric belt

Types of Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt

Type: Feature and application

Conventional: Generally used for powder and grain block material

Oil/fat resistant: Oil and fat material

Acid-alkali resistant: PH4-10

Heat resistant: T1≤100℃ T2≤120℃ T3≤150℃

Temperature resistant: Fire Resistant at 180-200℃

Flame retardant: Fire Resistant: 200-600℃

Cotton Belt:

Suitable for middle transport distance conveying

EP Conveyor Belt:

Under the condition of middle/long distance, heavy loading capacity, high speed conveying, good flexing capacity, heat-resistant, low lad elongation.

NN Conveyor Belt:

Under the condition of middle/long-distance heavy loading capacity, high-speed strong lash and high vulnerability.

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