Heavy Duty Drum Motors

JM Scandi Roll supplies Heavy-duty drum motors in the following sizes:

  • Ø216
  • Ø321
  • Ø400
  • Ø500
  • Ø630
  • Ø800
  • Ø1000
  • Ø1200

0,37KW – 400KW

The electrical motor, gears, and bearings are mounted inside the drum, which creates a very compact design. Oil is used for permanent lubrication of gears and bearings as well as cooling the electric motor. Our high-quality sealing system prevents oil from coming out as well as dust and water coming into the drum. We use different sealings for different applications. Using the right sealing system you can avoid any risk of dust and water coming into the drum. The drum is standard crowned to secure a better belt tracking.

Flameproof drum motors EX-d

Now our EX-D motors are also available for certain applications.


JM Scandi Roll offers a strong drum motor designed to handle the heavy-duty task in the BULK industry, indoor, outdoor as well as underground, whether the conveyors are in the mining industry, power plants, mobile applications, recycling industry, and many others.

Protection system

Our drum motors are constructed as a completely enclosed conveyor drive – dust and watertight according to IP66 or DIN EN 60529. Beyond that, we offer regrettable labyrinth seals for very abrasive applications within the BULK industry.

Seals mounted on hardened stainless steel o-ring

Having seals rotate directly on a steel shaft will lead to a groove appearing in the shaft, creating a risk of oil leaking. Our drum motors seals are mounted on a hardened stainless steel o-ring, which wears slowly and is quite easy to replace.

Brake and backstop

Our drum motors are available with integrated electromagnetic brake, mechanical brake as well as the backstop.

Operation Voltage

The motors are supplied for the standard voltages 230V, 400V at 50 Hz and can be operated, without reduction of the nominal power, with variations of the nominal voltage by VDE 0530. Motors for systems with different voltages and frequencies are available upon request.


All statements in lists are related to the main frequency of 50 Hz. At different frequencies, the belt speed changes according to the change in frequency. Our drum motors are as standard prepared for VFD operation.

Electrical motors

In our standard drum motors, the electrical motors are three-phase induction motors with special squirrel cage rotor, which give the engine the highest breakaway torque at highest operation security

Insulation of the motor windings

Windings and insulation of our conveyor drum motors correspond to insulation-class F according to VDE 0530 (max.Temp. 155°C).

Motor protection

Winding thermostat (WT) or temperature probes (PTC) to protect the motor winding against any abnormal temperature rises are available.

Drum coatings

A standard our drum motor is always supplied without rubber coating. On request, we can supply them with rubber or ceramic coatings as far as this is possible in respect of heat dissipation.

Tail drums

We offer tail drums with fixed shafts and internal bearings suitable for our entire range of drum motors.

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