Troughing sets for bulk handling:

In a belt conveyor one may identify two types of troughing sets:

  • The upper carrying sets, that have the function to support the loaded sections of the belt and to move the material.
  • The lower sets that support the unloaded belt on its return section.

The upper troughing sets may basically be in two arrangements: flat, with a single horizontal roller generally supported by two fixed brackets from the conveyor structure; troughed, generally with 3 rollers supported within a frame which is itself fixed to the conveyor structure.

There may be then, in the loaded sections, impact troughing sets that have rollers with rubber rings or suspended “garland” sets.

Product description:


Material Q235 carbon steel
Belt width 450-2400mm



Thickness of steel 4-10mm
Welding Mixed gas shielded arc welding

RAL color shades

Coating Electro galvanizing, hot galvanizing, base-coating and powder coating

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