JM Scandi Roll is a European owned manufacturer that manufactures idlers, rollers, frames and pulleys in China.

The factory consists of 60000 m² of factory space equipped with advanced modern machines to ensure that quality idlers/rollers, frames and pulleys can be produces in large quantities.

JM Scandi Roll is an ISO9001:2015 accredited factory. 


The modern equipment in the factory ensures:

  • Worker safety
  • Quality products
  • High volumes of manufactured products

JM Scandi Roll have two factories:

  • Workshop: Manufacturing of idlers, rollers, frames and pulleys

In addition to the manufacturing sections, there are also packing, logistics, and painting and storage areas.


For the manufacture of various conveyor idlers, rollers including steel, HDPE, impact idlers/rollers, and return idlers/rollers as well as frames and pulleys.

There is a great variety of idlers/rollers manufactured. Depending on the type, complexity, and quantity of idlers/rollers being manufactured , various automatic and manual machines are used to ensure repeatable quality of idlers/rollers.

Production equipment


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